How to Paint Stripes on a Dresser


Paint Stripes on a Dresser

So thrilled with this weekend’s project! Have you ever thought how you could paint stripes on a dresser? I wondered about it but never tried it until…

Paint Stripes on a Dresser
Dresser Before and After

Okay, I actually started this makeover last weekend, but ran out of painters tape Sunday and that brought things to a screeching halt.

One Saturday morning during the summer of 2015, a friend posted to Facebook she was getting rid of two dressers- free for the taking, just haul them away. After a pitstop at Starbuck’s, the hubs and I stopped by her home, loaded up these awesome finds, and we were on our way. One dresser got an immediate white wash makeover and the other went in the garage. And there it sat- until last weekend!


A quick mix of plaster of Paris and water into a can of white paint in the garage, to make chalk paint, and I was on my way! Here is my favorite recipe for making chalk paint:

  • one cup latex paint
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons water
  • 2-1/2 tablespoons Plaster of Paris (found here)

Step one of the project is to paint everything white- the drawers and the base of the dresser. The top drawer is smaller than the rest, so I decided a solid gray might look best. This is the only part of the dresser that I did not paint white.

Two coats seemed to do the job, but you may want to consider an extra coat if the coverage after two coats is not how you want it.


My love of stripes knows no bounds (click here to see my post on hot to paint stripes on a wall, and here to watch how to paint stripes on  curtains), so here I go, taping off three of the four drawers to create gray and white awesomeness.

Looking for really cool painters tape that does not bleed? Honestly- NO BLEEDING! Click here to check out the details.

Paint Stripes on a Dresser
Taping Off the Drawers

I prefer chunky stripes, so I thought four big stripes would look nice. Also, I wanted to make sure as I paint stripes on a dresser that the stripes lined up when the drawers are in the dresser. I measured one of the drawers and determined 3.5 inch stripes would provide equal spacing.

Extra hint: A straight edge can help you place the tape in a straight line!

Once your lines are taped off, you can start painting your beautiful stripes.

Paint Stripes on a Dresser
Painting the Stripes on the Drawers

A friend told me that if I remove the tape on my projects while the paint is still wet, it reduces the likelihood the paint will come off with the tape.

The top drawer is smaller than the other three, so I painted it solid gray. Two coats did the trick! I also painted the top and all 8 knobs gray.


So happy with the final product! I hope this post inspires you to use paint to spruce up an old dresser or similar piece of furniture!

Paint Stripes on a Dresser
Finished Product!

…however, I wish the wall behind it was a lighter color. We just painted this foyer last Christmas and already I want a different color! So it goes, right?!

What projects have you conquered lately?