How to Paint a Lampshade

Hi sweet friends!

Like so many other aspects of life, style evolves. Years ago my home decor style was Tuscan, with it’s rich browns, muted oranges, and soft greens. I loved black accents everywhere! A girl now excited by bright white and rustic glam, it’s fun to give old props a new face! Today’s victim: the green lampshade. Can I paint a lampshade?

Paint a Lampshade
Lamp Before

Let’s see this baby close-up:

Paint a Lampshade
Close-Up of Lamp Before Paint


I really like the lampshade- the size and style is something I really do not want to change! I looked at new lampshades at Target this morning, and while they have a great selection, do I want to spend $20 just to substitute it for white? Nope! So I decided to go for it! Break out the white paint and paint brush and I am on my way!

Paint a Lampshade
Process of Painting the Lampshade


This project involved very little prep. I dusted off the inside and outside of the lampshade, and then it was ready to paint. Also, I cleared counter space, laying out a towel and used a cup to prop the lampshade on as it dried. After this, I started to paint a lampshade!


My lampshade is pleated, which added a slight frustration as it is tough to get the paint far down into the pleat. Love my angled Wooster brush, as it is cheap, effective, and gets into hard to reach spaces like between the pleats! You can find my brush here.

Paint a Lampshade
Painting the Lampshade

Do you see all the gaps in the pleats above?

Paint a Lampshade
Finished Product


Tada… no more gaps! Yay for Wooster! And yay for a lampshade that is now bright and white! This was a simple, quick project that cost zero dollars and took about 1/2 hour to complete.

What crazy thing have you painted lately?

Next victim is the black accent table… see the transformation .

Paint a Lampshade
Black Table About to Get a Makeover