Did you say you are going to paint the curtains?

Hi there, friends!

Confession time: 90% of the projects I do around my house I do on a whim. Truly- I am a go grab some paint and get going kind of girl… which can be exciting, I mean messy. 😊 And that pretty much sums up how I painted stripes on my white curtains. One minute they are hanging on the curtain rod (sorry- no photo of them up) and the next they are on the ground of our family room, being taped off and tortured. If you have ever painted stripes on anything, you can relate to the torture. So let’s paint the curtains!


The first step to painting the curtains is clearing a work space. My curtains are long- 108 inches- so I needed to be sure I had adequate work space to move around all areas of the curtain. I painted one curtain at a time, allowing me to work within the space in our family room.

Next, you will need to measure the length of your curtains. This will allow you to decide how many stripes you will have and the length of each stripe. I used pencil to make the measurement marks on the curtain.

Paint the Curtains
Taping Off the Curtain

Paint the CurtainsMy curtains are pretty thin, so I laid plastic beneath them to catch any paint bleeds. I painted the first panel and let it dry before removing the plastic, and this was a mistake- as the curtain stuck to the plastic on account of the paint. Ugh! 😬

Paint the Curtains
Painting the First Stripes

At this point, I contemplated scrapping the project and finding the nearest bridge to throw the panel- and the now attached plastic- off!!

A little time spent peeling the plastic away soothed this desire. 😊 Back on course…


When I was done painting the second panel, I moved the curtain to the tile in my living room to dry. Easy peasy!

The curtains dried and were eventually hung in our dining room. Love the final result!!

Paint the Curtains
Final Product!

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What creative things have you done with paint?