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Pallet Flag- Fun Decorative Craft Just in Time for July 4!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Hi there friends! Every Tuesday and a Thursday morning I run through my neighborhood, and my 3.1 mile trek goes past a home with a gorgeous pallet flag in front. Decided it is time to make one myself! Doing this project will have two benefits: One, it will brighten up our pool deck, and two, it would mean one less pallet sitting in my garage, waiting for a Pinterest project to happen!

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This pallet painting project is super easy and I completed it in just a couple hours on a Saturday morning. Most of those couple hours were spent waiting for paint to dry, literally! My husband runs a fitness club that shares a plaza with a Homegoods (lucky him, right?!), so he brought home this pallet. It is heavy and sturdy. Yours can easily be smaller and lighter, which will make it easier to maneuver!

Here is the pallet before:

Pallet Flag
Pallet Before
Pallet Flag
Pallet Before

As you can see, it is far from perfect, but I think that is what I love about it!

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This simple project requires just a few supplies:

  • Sand Paper
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Star stencil [
  • Towels to collect access paint
  • Pallet

To start the project, I sanded each board. Mostly I just wanted the loose pieces of wood removed- I was not terribly worried about the surfaces being perfectly smooth. The roughness gives it character, which I like.

After the sanding, I painted every other board white. As you can see, there is one pretty damaged board on the pallet:

Pallet Flag
Damaged Board- Sadness

You can really see it in this picture!

I knew I wanted that board at the bottom of my flag. I think I can put a planter or a decorative bucket in front of that spot to conceal that big flaw.

Here is the pallet with three coats of white paint:

Pallet Flag
Boards Painted White

…now for the stripes of red:

Pallet Flag
Red and White Boards Painted


Next, I needed to section off the upper left corner and paint it blue. Love, love, love this crisp blue color!

Pallet Flag
Painting the blue portion

I used a stencil of a star to paint my stars on the board. Again, with the natural imperfections in the wood, I was not worried about perfect shaping and spacing. In fact, my daughter gave me a hand with a few of them! This is a fun project that kids can help complete!

Pallet Flag
Stenciling on the stars

For painting the stripes, I laid the pallet flat. Given the hot Florida sun, and the sweat that would constantly drip on the board by me bending over it, I decided to prop the pallet up to paint the stars! It worked well!!

Super happy w/ the finished product:

Pallet Flag
Proud finished product

Pallet Flag

What plans do you have for the July 4th holiday? I hope whatever you do it brings you joy!

Join me next week as I share fabulous farmhouse finds from Amazon– be sure to check them out! Enjoy the holiday, friends!