How to Paint a Table

Paint a Table
How to Paint a Table

Hi dear friends!

Have I shared my love for chalk paint? I love, love, love chalk paint…and nothing is safe! The home décor stylist in me has big plans for this paint. I love that I can change the look of my decor so easily and for minimal cost. Also, paint allows great flexibility in that if you grow tired of the color, you can always change it! Chalk paint grips smooth surfaces really well, allowing you to paint a table or any piece of furniture that may have a very smooth surface.

Today’s victim is my black entry table. I have loved this little table since the day I spotted it at Kirkland’s!

Paint a Table
Table Before it is Painted

Once upon a time I used black accents everywhere, and this little table greeted guests beside a solid black rug and bamboo planter. It looked better than I make it sound. Recently I decided my foyer needs a makeover (more to share on this in the coming weeks) and this table landed in our family room. But the black clashed with the white and bright of the room, so this happened:

Paint a Table
Table with One Coat of Paint


The first thing you want to do it clean the surfaces of the table that you plan to paint. You want to make sure you get any dust bunnies or debris off these areas and let it dry thoroughly. You may want to paint a small, hidden section of the table beforehand to see how the paint color will look. This is a recommended step if you choose a bright and bold color.

I like to make my own chalk paint. Annie Sloan chalk paint is wonderful, and while I have had a lot of success on projects with it, it can be pretty expensive- especially for small jobs. To keep cost down, I use this recipe to make my own chalk paint and it works great:

  • one cup latex paint
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons water
  • 2-1/2 tablespoons Plaster of Paris (found here)


After two coats, I got this:

Paint a Table
Table with Second Coat of Paint

…and then I got this! While it is definitely the change I was going for, I decided one more coat would really give it the solid coverage I was hoping to create.

Paint a Table
Finished Product!

Let’s do a super quick side by side to appreciate the change:

Paint a Table
Side by Side: Before and After Paint a Table

I love it more than I thought I would when I started! Don’t you love when that happens?

What bold changes have you made lately?!