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How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

Hello sweet friends! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start! I am a middle school assistant principal, and here in Florida we have the week off for Thanksgiving. Loving this time with my family- and the extra time to get ready for Christmas! Today I want to share how to make wooden sign ornaments. They are super cute!

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

I am loving the neutral look I am using to decorate my Christmas tree this year. I flocked my 11 year old Christmas and purchased tons of ribbon and ornaments in gold, white, and silver. This is in complete contrast from last year, when my tree was ruled by red and lime green deco mesh! Here is proof:

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

I won’t lie, I love this tree! The pops of red and green just make my heart melt! However, after drooling over the glam of neutral trees on Instagram the past two years, I have to go for it. Now, back to the signs I am making for the tree!

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Prepare to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

I purchased this pack of 6 adorable little wooden signs. Well, maybe they do not have to be signs- I guess I should refer to them as pieces of wood! I purchased this pack of six from Hobby Lobby for $2.99, and I used the 40% off coupon, so POW! Super deal!

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

Here are the supplies you need for this project:

  • Wooden signs
  • Stain
  • White paint
  • Stencil or vinyl letters
  • Paint brush

Step One to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

For the first step, you need to sand and stain each sign. I used a light grit sandpaper and really focused on roughing up the edges. Once the sanding was done, I stained each board with Minwax. I used an old sock to apply the Minwax stain in a circular motion. I used Minwax Dark Walnut stain on these boards.

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

Once I finished applying the stain, I allowed the signs to dry for a half an hour.

Step Two to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

For the second step, you will use your stencil. In my case, I cut the letters using vinyl on my Cricut Explore Air. The font Amarillo is gorgeous, and I used it to design the words Merry Christmas. Cricut Design Space does not have this font on its platform, but I was able to easily download it from and add it to Cricut Design Space. I printed the saying onto the vinyl.

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments


How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

So here is my Cricut Explore Air pitch: I LOVE this machine! I think it is really important to share that I purchased my Cricut Explore Air this summer from Home Shopping Network. I was not given this machine, nor did I receive a discount in exchange for sharing the many projects I do on this site using my Cricut. In 2010, I bought my first Cricut as a classroom teacher, and I used it to make signs and to decorate my classroom. I upgraded this summer and absolutely love my new machine! I have since become an affiliate for Cricut because I really like this machine and the online platform Design Space.


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How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

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Step Three To Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

For the third step, I placed the vinyl on the boards. If you are using a stencil, you will place your stencil on the boards. One thing I really appreciate about working with the vinyl is it is easy to move around. If I place the letters at an angle I do not like, I can easily move them! Nothing is permanent!

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

Step Four to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

For this step, you will paint over your vinyl or paint in your stencil. I used white paint, and to add to the rustic feel, I left the wooden edges showing. I made sure to cover the letters well with the white paint, and left the edges kind of wispy. Also, I do not want the letters perfect. I know this sounds silly- purposely making the letters imperfect- but I want the signs to look like they were covered in snow. Have you ever blown snow off of something? When making these signs, I had the image the sign was covered in snow and someone blew the snow off of it. The letters are not perfectly visible because some snow remains.

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

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Step Five to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

For the fifth and final step, you will remove the stencil/vinyl and place your ornament (when dry) on your Christmas tree to enjoy!

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

I made six signs and placed all of them around my tree. Here is a picture of the whole tree:

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

Can you spot the signs?!

Quick Recap of the Five Steps to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

These signs are super cute and can be made for a few dollars in less than one hour. Love it! Here is a recap of the steps to complete this project:

  1. Sand and stain your boards
  2. Cut your stencil/vinyl
  3. Place the stencil/vinyl on each board
  4. Paint each board
  5. Remove the stencil/vinyl and ENJOY your beautiful signs!

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What has you excited this holiday season? I hope that you celebrate with those you love! Wishing you the absolute best holiday season EVER, my friends!

How to Make Wooden Sign Ornaments

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