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How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Happy holidays, friends! I hope your week is going great and your holiday decorating is making you happy, happy, happy! One of my favorite things to decorate for Christmas is my tree. I am excited to create a tree decked out in white lights and white, silver, and gold ribbon and ornaments. Today I am going to show you how to flock a Christmas tree!

My Christmas Tree History

Years ago, my tree was a hodge-podge of ornaments and ribbon and lights! I never really focused on a theme or specific color scheme. In 2006, we moved from Michigan to Florida, after living in the home we bought when first married for 12 years. To accommodate a cross country move, we had to purge a ton of our belongings- and a majority of my holiday décor! I kept only sentimental pieces (stuff made by the kids and ornaments given to us by family). Secretly, I will tell you this was awesome! Starting from scratch was fun- I had to purchase everything from the tree to the ornaments to the outside blow-ups! Sounds like a bummer, right?! Kind of wish this would happen again!

I purchased many tree items from a Martha Stewart line in lavender. A beautiful tree skirt, ornaments, and ribbon- it was a color I have never used before and I fell in love with it. I used the purple set for 4-5 years! Next, I shifted to red and green, using a ton of deco mesh when decorating. A ton may be putting it mildly! I am a recovering deco mesh addict, meaning I still use it, but try to use less of it. I want a more natural look on our main tree this year. And it begins by flocking it white!

Here is a picture of last year’s tree:

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Yup- it is like deco mesh heaven on that tree!

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Why Flock a Christmas Tree

Believe it or not, I am still using the beautiful 7.5 foot tree I purchased on Black Friday in 2006 from Lowe’s! The pre-lit lights no longer work and I have been saying I need a new tree for the last three Christmases, but honestly, I love this tree. I can twist the branches, move the branches, heck- I have even taken my hot glue gun to secure ornaments and a tree topper or two- and I do not stress because the tree is old and I have gotten more than my money’s worth out of it! So flocking it is no big deal to this girlie. If it turns out terrible, this tree may finally find itself on the curb for trash pick-up. Let’s see how it goes!

Preparing to Flock a Christmas Tree

First, I will prepare you by saying this is a messy project! I chose to flock my tree outside to avoid getting the flocking powder all over the house. I flocked my tree on my patio, figuring I could leave it out there while the powder hardened on the branches. To prevent the powder from going everywhere, I laid an old sheet on the patio and placed the tree stand in the middle.

Next, I gathered my supplies. To flock a Christmas tree, you will need:

  • flocking powder
  • sifter- a cheap one, preferably, as it will not be usable after this project is done
  • spray bottle filled with water

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

My tree is in three sections, so I decided to flock the tree one section at a time. So grateful I did- I think it cut down on the crazy mess!

Here is the first section, ready for flocking:

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Who else flocks a tree by their pool? Guess you can tell I live in Florida!

Start to Flock a Christmas Tree

Alright, friends, it is time to flock a tree! For the first step, you want to mist the branches with the spray bottle. Be careful not to soak the branches. Add some flocking powder to the sifter. In one hand, hold the sifter. In the other hand, hold the spray bottle. Gently sift the powder onto the branches, spraying the powder while it is in the air and before it hits the branches. It does take a few tries to coordinate this properly- so do not get frustrated! You got this!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Once you have added the amount of flock to your liking, give all of the branches a final spray with the water. This will allow the flocking powder to harden. Allow this section to dry for 30 minutes before moving on to the next section.

You Are on a Roll- Keep on Flocking!

I placed the second section on the tree and proceeded to mist the branches. By this time, I was getting better coordinated in my efforts to spray the flocking powder just before it hit the branches! Ha! Already I was pleased with the look of my wintery tree makeover.

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

As I added the third and final section, I needed a ladder to reach the branches. Quite a sight, I am sure- me on the ladder with the spray bottle and sifter! Lol! This project is not for the faint of heart! I can only imagine how crazy it looked. The things we do for holiday décor, right?!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

At this point, I want to add a disclaimer about wind and doing the project outside. I could not imagine doing this task on a windy day! The flock is difficult to control without the unpredictable variable the wind would present!

Also, you may want to consider using a mask when working with the flocking powder. I did not have a problem with breathing in the powder, but I am not susceptible to allergies. Using a mask may benefit those sensitive to the powder in the air.

Reflection time: Do you find yourself in a frantic frenzy during the holiday season? Do you rush constantly to get things done, and then feel disappointment that you did not have time to actually enjoy the season? Well, let’s get your holiday organized, and I promise you will feel like a ROCK STAR this season!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

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The Final Product

Once I had all of the flock on the tree, I gave it a final spray with the bottle. I left it outside for 24 hours, to really allow the powder to harden on each branch. O…M…G- I absolutely LOVE the final product! It looks like a new tree, and it has a perfect winter wonderland feel! Just for good measure, I allowed the branches to harden one additional day before decorating the tree. After all, as I mentioned earlier, I am tough on my tree!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Here is the tree, fully decorated for the season!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

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